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Rose Quartz Vanilla & Rose infused handmade Lipgloss

Rose Quartz Vanilla & Rose infused handmade Lipgloss

Handmade for you by Nikki of Luna Aura.


This delightfully floral yet sweet, Vanilla and Rose scented Rose Quartz infused lipgloss is perfect for everyday wear. With the clear gloss and delicate pink sparkle, There really is nothing like them! (believe me I checked!)

Rose Quartz is strongly connected to the heart chakra and is considered to be the stone of love. It aids not only in relationships, friendships and feelings of love toward others, but also is very beneficial for developing and strengthening self love, as well as attracting love from others. With it’s reassuring and calming qualities it promotes feelings of deep inner peace.



  • Ingredients

    Ingredients - gloss base, Castor oil, vanilla oil, rose essential oil, natural mica powder, rose quartz chips.

  • Specifics

    • Due to this product being hand made each one will be slightly different
    • as there are no preservatives they have a 6 month shelf life.
    • 10ml plastic tube with wand.
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